Daro Realty Launches Sustainability Initiatives For Its Nine Residential Buildings

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 30, 2017) – Daro Realty LLC, one of DC’s oldest and most revered residential brands with nine buildings and 700 rental apartments under management, announced today a suite of measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its operations while enhancing resident comfort. The efficiency upgrades were initiated as part of Daro’s sustainability program and are designed to reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimize waste, and create healthier living environments.

Earlier this year, Daro engaged Bright Power, the leading energy and water management partner for multifamily buildings, to complete an energy and water audit to identify opportunities to reduce Daro’s energy and water consumption, determine an actionable scope of work to achieve these reductions and mitigate the buildings’ overall environmental impact. With Bright Power’s completed audit and recommendations, Daro began to implement measures to effectively manage energy and water consumption, which include new energy-efficient lighting systems, new hot water heating systems and controls, low flow water conserving plumbing fixtures, pipe insulation, as well as the use of Green Seal® certified chemical free, eco-friendly cleaning products.

In total, seven individual measures will be installed across Daro’s nine properties, and will result in a 27% reduction of water consumption or 7.3mm gallons annually. Total energy consumption will fall by 11% annually, equating to 328,919 kWh of electricity and 29,238 therms of natural gas (the equvalent of driving across the country nearly 250 times). The full suite of conservation installations are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

“We are proud to be the premier rental option in Northwest D.C. and are committed to providing our tenants with a high-quality living experience which in today’s market also carries a responsibility to delivering eco-friendly sustainability improvements,” said Carissa Barry, Daro Realty’s President. “These upgrades will lower utility costs, save energy, reduce money and time spent on building operations, increase the value and long-term sustainability of our buildings, all without sacrificing quality of service.”

“We are thrilled to be working with an organization like Daro that understands the value of energy and water improvements, and the intersection between reduced operations and maintenance costs, improved tenant comfort, positive environmental impact, and increased asset value,” said Jeff Perlman, President and Founder of Bright Power.

The nine Daro properties receiving sustainability upgrades are:1600 | 1600 16th Street NW1900 Lamont | 1900 Lamont Street NWArcher | 3701 Massachusetts Avenue NWParkway | 3220 Connecticut Avenue NWParkwest | 2929 Connecticut Avenue NWPhoenix | 1421 Massachusetts Avenue NWRodman | 3002 Rodman Street NWRodney | 1911 R Street NW Washington; and Sedgwick Gardens | 3726 Connecticut Ave NW.

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